We have breed specific designs, woven into ribbons, then sewn onto sturdy nylon webbing. 



The collars are adjustable to fit most dogs of the breed depicted.

Collars, leads, key fobs, lanyards and belts are all machine washable.

The design will not wear nor wash off as it is woven, NOT printed.

Collars have quick release nylon fasteners. 

Leads, all have ribbon running along them. They are fitted with nickel plated steel hardware and are available in four or six foot lengths.

We also have lanyards for people in all the ribbon designs with a choice of clips (Bolt or Crocodile). 

All lanyard designs are woven and backed with black ribbon.

We have belts and key fobs.

New Glitzy's on the shelves :
Some wild and wonderful patterned collar and lead sets and beautiful Bookmarks are also available in this shop.

Please note that ribbon cannot be purchased separately.

We try to stock almost everything we sell in this shop*, 

and always try to post on the same day when possible.

Please check our (Terms & Conditions).


So we don't leave anyone out , we now have some Cat Collars in the shop.


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